Services we offer include

  • Logistics

    With our North America headquarters in Burlingame, California and our trading representatives throughout the world, we are able to offer personalized attention, focusing on quality, pricing and timely delivery. Delivering world class steel to you for over 100 years.

  • Sales

    Through our integrated global network of manufacturers, we offer a wide range of products, from tubulars, valves and fittings to wire, wire rod and bars in cut lengths, coils or shapes.

  • Production Expediting

    An integral part of the KOP Customer Service platform is ongoing order timeline monitoring and communication with mills to meet or exceed contracted production and delivery estimates. Our Logistics and Sales teams, along with our global partners, understand and manage the myriad components involved in international trade transactions to successfully deliver steel around the world.

  • Customs Clearing

    We offer Importer of Record services, as well as HTS and AD/CV research services.

  • International Offices

    Through our network of international liaison offices and our domestically based team we communicate in many international languages.

  • Quality Control/Assessment

    As important as cost may be to your international steel trade transaction, receiving high quality material that meets your specifications holds an equally critical position in the commercial chain. KOP prides itself in only representing suppliers we have audited or had local personnel vet and approve. Supporting this commitment, KOP contracts its own quality assurance team that travels the world as needed to perform on-site inspections and process control audits before and/or during production and shipment as deemed appropriate. KOP also takes great pride in its long relationship with a world-renowned marine insurance carrier who expedites both load and discharge surveys on request to facilitate safe handling and carriage of your steel.

  • Processing Assistance

    We offer additional services, such as Heat Treating arrangement, Upsetting, Threading, and Coupling arrangements.

  • Mill Communication
  • Supplier Audit
  • Product Inspection

We have proudly delivered steel from a multitude of quality sources to the world market for over 100 years.

Global Reach

We have a multi-generational track record of bringing new products from a multitude of sources to the world market. Through our alliances with leading financial institutions, we offer favorable terms to mills and customers.